Welcome to Bengts village of cottages!

Enjoy your holiday in a cottage in a wonderful and quiet setting. Most of the cottages have a WC. Our cosy cottages have a year-round standard, 4 beds, a kitchenette and warm/cold water. Beautifully surrounded by nature. All come with furnished, roofed terrace. The cottages are next to the campsite and its facilities.


We can offer 20 cottages (20 m2) with 4 beds. The village of cottages is located only 250 m from the 12 km long beach that provides good and refreshing baths.


The cottages are equipped for self-catering for 4 persons, eg. freezer, hot and cold water, coffee percolator, stove and also pillows and blankets. About half of the cottages are also equipped with a toilet. Other toilets can be found in modern service buildings on the property together with showers, washing machines and HWC with changing table.


During high season are only weekly reservations possible (sunday to sunday) Reservations for single nights are only possible the week before the week of arrival.


Booked, unpaid campsites and cottages that are not checked in at 6 pm on the day of arrival, will beforewarded to a new guest if you have not contacted the campsite by phone or mail no  later than 6 pm the same day regarding late arrival.


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